Venezuela Under Crisis

MARK WEISBROT (C.E.P.R.) – Right Wing Caracas Media Overplays Chaos and Food Shortages.  CIA and US A.I.D. finance the COUP Leadership.  Trump Sanctions Venezuela.

TARIQ ALI – Global Empire Report – US Will not Tolerate Bolivarian

Rebels.  CIA-backed Opposition has begun COUP against Maduro.


RON PAUL – Liberty Report – Trump threatens ARMY.

Authoritarian Reality TV star Trump is the new World’s Policeman

TRUMP threatens “Military Option” on Bolivarian

Government of Venezuela.  CIA Pompeo ready to act.

Ven. Constituent Assembly gets 8 Million Votes

Bolivarian Revolution Transition  – The Real News

Helicopter Grenades Venezuelan Supreme Court

Crazed Policeman Throws Grenades from Copter


T. Hartmann – Mark Weisbrot CEPR

US State Dept., US Army Sabotage


A. Martin Intervus Ricardo Menendez

Economy Minister, Bolivarian Gov’t of

Venezuela (In Spanish, English Subtitles)

A. Martin Intervus Att. EVA GOLINGER

Civil & Currency Wars – 1% Media Hostile

Pres. Maduro Elected and Re-Elected. Not Dictator.

Abby Martin – Venezuela “Riots”

Courts, Poor Attacked, Police Murdered

Black Man Burned – CIA Found. Defense of Democracy


Al Jazeera – Venezuela Crisis Caused by

Foreign Intervention (e.g. USA)

Vice News – Protests in Venezuela Rising




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