Repeal of Net Neutrality Protests in SFO/LA/NYC/Wash DC
December 6th, 2017 by Bill Floyd

Amy Goodman, Democracy Now – Evan Greer, Fight for the Future

Michael Copps, Former FCC Commissioner: Net Crucial to Democracy

Internet is like Water – how long can we go without Text / Email?


San Francisco, Chicago, Phily, many Cities Protest NET SCAM “I’m for Net Neutrality” – Be direct, but polite.

FCC #s – 888 CALL FCC = 888 225-5322, Toll Free Fax 866 418-0232,

Emergencies! 202 418-1122

Ed Schultz Criticizes FCC Repeal of Net Neutrality

Los Angeles Protest Against Repeal of Net Neutrality

Lauren Steiner & L.A. Berniecrats show their anger “I’m for Net Neutrality” – Be direct, but polite.

FCC #s – 888 CALL FCC = 888 225-5322, Toll Free Fax 866 418-0232,

Emergencies! 202 418-1122

NET COSTS in New Zealand – No Net Neutrality. Cash for Bundles.

(New Zealand has a lower cost basis than the USA.  Here $15/day.)

Call ex-Verizon Lobbyist, FCC Chair, AJIT PAI. Tell him we want a

DEMOCRATIC, FREE INTERNET which We Invented and Paid for.

(Gov’t DARPA built the 1st Computer.) All of these ISPs Owe

Taxpayers for their Existence.  They’ve the Arrogance to gouge

us for more cash.  Call Telco Lobbyist Ajit Pai, and tell him NO! “I’m for Net Neutrality” – Be direct, but polite.

FCC #s – 888 CALL FCC = 888 225-5322, Toll Free Fax 866 418-0232,

Emergencies! 202 418-1122

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TYT’s Cenk Uygur Slams ISPs AT$T & Verizon and MSNBC TV

for blackout on Net Neutrality. Big Corp$ want to Control NET

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