La France Insoumise (Rebellious)

Jean-Luc MELENCHON explains Why Pres. Macron is such a Disaster for France. (Jean-Luc has been called the French “Bernie Sanders”.) They bused 60,000 Protestors against Pres. Macron’s “Social Coup D’Etat.” 23rd September 2017.

People came to Paris from far away Cannes, Marseilles, and even Toulouse. Then, Jean-Luc debated the new Prime Minister of France, Edouard Phillipe, formerly head of Les Republicains (Right wing Party). After some pleasant remarks, Jean-Luc charges, let’s begin with 9 Million Poor in France. You want to Celebrate to distract us. You are taking food, self-respect, even life expectancy from Our Workers, Our Unions and the Poor.

LA FRANCE INSOUMISE has 2 simultaneous Rallies, 1 in Lyons. And this one in Paris. These mass turnouts were during the Presidential campaign. Unique, first Speech via HOLOGRAM by their leader, Jean-Luc Melenchon. (French with English subtitles)

President MACRON enjoys about 300 Parliament members out of about 500. The Right wing Party “Les Republicains” merged with MACRON’s new neoliberal “En Marche”. The Socialists are joining the neoliberal Macron Party. Tax cuts for the Rich. Pay cuts for the Workers, old, and poor.  (In French, with English Subtitles)


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