IBT Teamsters – Congress Could Hurt Truck Drivers and the Public
April 24th, 2018 by Bill Floyd

 IBT International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Dear Bill:

This week, the US House of Representatives

will consider legislation to reauthorize funding for the

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The Trucking industry is trying to hijack that bill. They

want to insert language which takes away almost any

protection Truck Drivers are granted under State law.

This includes destroying the right to paid sick leave,

paid vacations, FMLA, state guarantees of a lunch or

rest break during a shift, and worse. We need your

help to tell Congress to REJECT the “DENHAM

TRUCKING AMENDMENT” when it comes up for a

vote this week.

The House cannot include this anti-safety, anti-worker

provision in the FAA bill. This provision would

overturn any State’s law that goes above the bare

minimum Federal rules for Truck Drivers.   No State

could demand that Drivers need to get paid for non-

driving time, or take action against companies who

misclassify their Drivers as Independent Contractors.

Any State laws that raise wages or protect the working

conditions of drivers would immediately be

overturned. It refers to these State laws as “additional

burdens” being placed on motor carriers, and say that

they need to be done away with. States couldn’t even

give drivers time off to go vote! What’s worse, all

these changes are made retroactive to 1994. All of the

progress we’ve made over the past two decades would

evaporate overnight.  TAKE ACTION NOW!

Truck Crashes are up 45% from 2009. Injuries are up

57%, and Deaths from those Crashes are also up 28%.

Now is not the time to push Drivers even further by

taking away protections that make sure they are well-

rested and alert.

Please contact your member of Congress and tell

them to OPPOSE the Denham Amendment

(Amendment #140 as filed with the Rules Committee)


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