French Labor Unions, CGT, et La France Insoumise (unbound)

Hurricane “Irma” Destroyed St. Maarten, Bart, and other (French) West Indies Islands – Macron did not Respond Quickly Enough. La France Insoumise (France Unbound) Leader Jean-Luc Melenchon calls for an Official Investigation, and a Huge Protest September 23.


HUGE STRIKE (9-12) in PARIS on Pay Cuts, and Flexible Shifts = “Labour Code Reform”. New Premier MACRON calls Labor protestors “Slackers”. Macron is stealing from the Poor & Labour snd giving $$ to the Rich. America has embraced $15 per hour Minimum Wage. By putting money in workers hands, Consumption rises, and Business revives.  France goes backwards trying to lower pay and hours into AUSTERITY.

Huge Protests (60,000) against Wage Cuts, Flexible Shifts for All – France’s largest Union of Unions, the C.G.T., is ANGRY at Pay Cuts

Jean-Luc Melenchon’s “La France Insoumise” (France unbowed) joined the Labour Unions protesting the gutting of Minimum Wage protections.


Last Year’s CGT + La France Insoumise Protests in PARIS

 CGT and Union Protestors against Pay Cuts in June 2016.  What Macron can expect this month in Paris for his Neo-Liberal Wage Gouging.


JEAN-LUC MELENCHON “La France Insoumise”

LA FRANCE INSOUMISE (unbowed, unbridled)

On September 23, let’s roll over Paris. Jean-Luc Melenchon
The magnificent success of the summer rallies reinforced the place of “Unbridled France” as the first force of opposition to the President of the Republic. (E. Macron)

It is therefore our responsibility to commit ourselves fully to the battle against the Ordinances (Laws) presented this week by the government.

Thus, we call participation in Trade Union events on 12 September.

But “Unbridled France also takes its Direct part in the fight. That is why we proposed the date of 23 September for a National March against the Social Coup. This will be the opportunity to say NO to the breakdown of Labor codes but also to the world that accompanies it.

This March will not only be the March of the Rebellious. It is open to all those who share its objectives. Despite the constraints of traveling to Paris, it is very important that as many People as possible participate because it is the strength of the number that will waver (impress) the Macron Government.

On September 23, let’s roll over Paris!
Buses are being set up in nearly 100 Cities in France. Places can be reserved online next week.
To propose a bus from your commune, you can contact us at



FRANCE 24 (PBS in France) – Debate between Socialist Minister and French Corporates over LABOR CODE REFORM – Pay Cuts for Unions. Acute Job Shortage for French Youth.  Lowering the Labor Codes = Lower Minimum Wage).  As the US Fights for $15 wages, France cuts wages?  CGT (France’s AFL-CIO) calls for General Strike Sept. 23, 2017.

LA FRANCE INSOUMISE Rally in Marseilles – Summer 2017  – After 5 minutes, Jean-Luc Mélenchon Speaks (in French, sorry)

Jean-Luc Mélenchon Addresses his LA FRANCE INSOUMISE – En Français  (Review of Week’s Progress in French)

Interview with Secretary General of France’s largest Union, the C.G.T.

PHILIPPE MARTINEZ  – CGT led General Strikes against Wage Cuts.

 LA FRANCE INSOUMISE (unchained, unbridled)   

Jean-Luc Mélenchon (is our Bernie Sanders in France)

At the end of its first two electoral campaigns, France Unchained is already the first opposition force and the most important political movement in the country. It has federated around the “Future in Common” program. It aims to be a collective action-oriented force with the objective of applying to France a program capable of responding to social, ecological and democratic emergencies.

Since June, our Operational team that has been built during the campaigns has taken several initiatives. In particular, it has set up the summer insurgent Caravans and has mobilized for the success of the Summer Amphis to be held in Marseille between 24 and 27 August. It is also preparing, already, the National March that we initiated for Saturday September 23 against the Coup d’Etat Social. (by President Macron)

But it is now time to consider a new stage in our movement. This is why a National Convention of France will take place on the weekend of 14 and 15 October 2017. Its role will be to define our objectives and our action lines for the coming months. It will be composed, like the Lille Convention of October 2016, of random drawings and representatives of the different spaces of the movement (space for struggles, space for political groups, space for thematic booklets, etc.) .

At two months of this convention, we opened a box of ideas open to all the signatories of ‘France Rejected’. Its objective is to gather contributions, proposals, ideas, experiences or assessments. All these accumulated materials will give rise to syntheses in order to evolve our collective reflection and to bring out the main ideas.
To facilitate this work, contributions are therefore limited to 1000 signs and must be linked to one of the themes available below.

  1. Which Campaigns and Themes of action for France Insoumise?

Rebellious France is a political movement focused on the action and transformation of society. Its members project their energies into the struggle for the Citizen Revolution. This is to suggest campaigns to be carried out nationally as locally for the coming months.

  1. Which modalities of Action for France Rejects?

    One of the reasons for the success of our movement is its capacity to allow the multiplicity of forms and rhythms of actions. Our reflection must make it possible to preserve this diversity beyond the electoral campaigns. The aim here is to propose ways and means of maintaining the open and broad nature of our movement.

    3. What Tools to facilitate set-up?

    A number of tools were put in place during the presidential campaign: internet platform, material site, call for donations, newsletter. The aim here is to suggest improvements to existing tools and / or to propose new tools in order to strengthen our capacities for collective action or to facilitate the pooling of good practices.

    4. What organization for the movement?

    Unchained France as a movement does not have the structures of the traditional political parties but relies on its 5000 support groups throughout the country. During the electoral sequence, it experimented with the modalities of innovative organizations (first convention in Lille, process of collective elaboration of the program, electoral commission drawn by lot). The aim here is to identify the first ideas for the organization of an innovative and collective political movement.

    By relying on your participation, receive our unsubstantiated greetings.
    For the Operational team,
    Manuel Bompard de La France Insoumise

WALL ST. Crash 2008 – Dramatic Effects on FRANCE, CANADA, USA, DUBAI, GREECE, SPAIN and CHINA.  Worker Layoffs fought by UNIONS. In France CGT, CGC, CFDT, CFTC, and FO Unions unite to fight plant closings. “Boss kidnapping”  – a popular new tactic.

Occupy Wall Street protests all over USA.  Tent cities in Sacramento, Calif, first since 1929.  Homelessness grows.

 LA FRANCE Looks at HUGO CHAVEZ – Bolivarian Hero

LA FRANCE INSOUMISE (unchained)       

Jean-Luc MELENCHON (France’s Bernie Sanders)

Say No to the social coup d’etat by Macron!

Three months after his election, Macron’s project is no longer in doubt: he is the President of the rich. He wants to increase the CSG and lower housing subsidies and, at the same time, is preparing to make new gifts to the ultra-rich by removing some of the Wealth Tax.

Faced with this project, La France Insoumise reasserted itself as the first force of opposition. Our Deputies led a fierce battle against the breakdown of the Labor Codes in the National Assembly.

But the Regime decided to pass the ordinances in force: only a strong mobilization can therefore stop it. This is what is at stake in the calls for demonstrations on September 12th and the National March we will organize in Paris on September 23rd. Let us mobilize massively to make the voice of the people heard!

The 2 LA FRANCE INSOUMISE Caravans have departed
Two national caravans took the road on Sunday 6 August. They travel 32 cities to Marseille where they will join the summer amphis.

At each stage, they will continue the work for access to Social rights and argue the issue of defending the Labor Code threatened by the Regime.

Sign up for Summer Amphis
From 24th to 27th August, France Insoumise organizes its summer amphis in Marseille.
It will be an opportunity to meet for training sessions, debates, film screenings or militant activities in Marseille. Entries are necessary to allow us to organize this event as well as possible.

French Original

Non au coup d’état social !

Trois mois après son élection, le projet de Macron ne fait plus aucun doute : il est le président des riches. Il veut augmenter la CSG et baisser les aides au logement et, dans le même temps, s’apprête à faire de nouveaux cadeaux aux ultra-riches en supprimant une partie de l’impôt sur la fortune.

Face à ce projet, la France insoumise s’est affirmée comme la première force d’opposition. Ses député.e.s ont mené une bataille acharnée contre la casse du code du travail à l’Assemblée Nationale.

Mais le régime a décidé de passer en force avec les ordonnances : seule une forte mobilisation pourra donc l’arréter. C’est l’enjeu des appels à manifester le 12 septembre et de la marche nationale que nous organiserons à Paris le 23 septembre prochain. Mobilisons nous massivement pour faire entendre la voix du peuple !

Retrouver le site de la marche

Deux caravanes nationales ont donc pris la route ce dimanche 6 août. Elles parcouront 32 villes jusqu’à Marseille où elles rejoindront les amphis d’été.  A chaque étape, elles continueront le travail pour l’accès aux droits sociaux et informeront sur l’enjeu de défendre le code du travail menacé par le régime.  Suivre le parcours des caravanes

S’inscrire aux amphis d’été    Du 24 au 27 août, la France insoumise organise ses amphis d’été à Marseille.

Ce sera l’occasion de se retrouver pour des séances de formation, des débats, des projections de films ou des activités militantes dans Marseille. Les inscriptions sont nécessaires pour nous permettre d’organiser au mieux cet évènement.


MACRON’s Plans, Plus MELENCHON’s Ideas

Macron, meanwhile, detailed what his priorities would be for his first few months in office, telling the Journal du Dimanche newspaper that one of his first measures would be to pass a law setting new ethical standards for Parliament. This would be followed by other legislation to cut the number of MPs by a third and to free up the labour market.

Asked about a slight fall in support, according to surveys, he replied: “They show exactly what I feel – that nothing is decided yet. We are entering a crucial phase.”  In a sign that his team are growing anxious about the impact of Melenchon, particularly among the young, supporters.

Natalie Nougayrède

Mélenchon’s programme:  €100 billion stimulus plan and reduction in the working week to 32 hours, as well as proposals to overhaul the EU and pull France out of Nato.


Record # of Women Win in New French Parliament


Destroyed the Right Wing Party Republique Francais, as well as the Socialist Party, and the extreme National Front of Marine Le Pen.



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