Exporting Jobs for Profit

Veteran Journalist Ted Koppel from “Nightline” on OUTSOURCING of American Jobs.  US small appliance Engines, high-end Sofas, Chairs & Boom Boxes for Walmart – made Cheap by Cheaper Chinese Wages

CHINA WORKERS GET SICK on SMOKESTACK POLLUTION        Crash Program of Industrialization has Caused Many Cancer Patients

Richard Wolff – U.S. Manufacturing Jobs Are Gone Forever, and Never Returning = Capitalism (Imperialism)

CARRIER Air Condition Moves to Mexico

Despite TRUMP’s HYPE about Protecting American Jobs – Trump Depises Unions.

Remember how, back before the media caught on to Donald Trump’s habit of announcing he’d “created” jobs that had been long planned or “saved” jobs that either didn’t need saving or weren’t actually saved, his Carrier deal was major headline news? Trump supposedly saved 1,000 jobs from being sent to Mexico, and we were supposed to ignore the fact that many of the jobs being “saved” were never planned to be cut, and the giant tax subsidies he doled out to make that happen, and all the jobs that were still going to Mexico, and the fact that the deal was going to help the company eliminate jobs through automation.

Well, Carrier isn’t in the headlines so much these days, which makes it about time for the asterisks on Trump’s big deal to kick in with a vengeance. Layoffs are officially coming for more than 600 workers at the plant:

“The jobs are still leaving,” said Robert James, president of United Steelworkers Local 1999. “Nothing has stopped.” […]

[The CEO of Carrier’s parent company] said the laid-off workers would be offered jobs at other factories across the country.

“We’re going to be hiring something like 5,000 people this year,” he said.

But union officials say they have heard nothing from the company about any job offers elsewhere within the company. All they have received is the official notice, as required by federal law, that the first round of cuts — 338 jobs — will take place on July 20, with an additional 290 employees terminated on Dec. 22, three days before Christmas.

But of course this reality won’t get nearly as many headlines as Trump’s hype did. 

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