Colorblind and Privilege – Tim Wise, et al.

MISSISSIPPI HELPS START CIVIL WAR – Richest State due to Cotton. Nearly HALF of all WHITES OWNED SLAVES in Mississippi.  Small White Farmers Owned 1, 2, or 3 Slaves.  This explains JIM CROW and the SLAVE PATROLS.  After the Confederacy surrendered, White Patrols “arrested former Slaves” and placed them at the service of huge Plantation Owners. The KU KLUX KLAN (KKK) arose to Terrify ex-Slaves.

CIVIL WAR Did Not END SLAVERY in the SOUTH – After the fall of Reconstruction in 1876, it became “illegal” to walk beside a train track, sell you farm produce after dark, speak loudly around Whites, speak to a White person without being invited to speak, disagreeing with Whites, and failing to follow orders of a White person.  Former Slaves were arrested and delivered to the largest Cotton growers. On big plantations a Company Store indebted former Slaves. Their Debt to the stores meant they could never leave the Cotton fields. They were Slaves again.


SAMANTHA BEE – ALT RIGHT is not Alright, Not American, Part 1

SAMANTHA BEE – ALT RIGHT is not Alright, Not American, Part 2

English Comedian takes on FOX – Whites Only Morning Show – FOX’s Phony “War on Cops” Campaign.  Nazi Marchers and Peace protestors are both the same? Funny. UK huge new hit Francis Maxwell.

Intense Discussion between Van Jones, Michael Caputo,

Our Revolution’s Nina Turner, GOPs Bill Kristol on CNN

Virginia HATE MARCH by Nazis, KKK (w/o sheets), GOP

Sean Stone “Watching the Hawks” connects Marchers

and Murderers to Far Right Media, with Max Blumenthal

COLOR blind?  White Privilege Today


Jimmy Dore, both father & grandfather were Cops

Baton Rouge Cops kill, then arrest Store Owner Witness

Cops collect all Video cameras, Owner’s Cell

Cops refuse to “snitch” on “dirty Cops”, Killer cops


Are White People Threatened?  Thom Hartmann Show

Dr. Cornell West on Racism, Inequality


Michelle Alexander – “New Jim Crow”

Bill Moyers Show – Mass Incarceration


“Future of Race” – Michelle Alexander



Scientific Study – White Privilege – Thom Hartmann Show

1492 Columbus and Our Natives – Drawing the Color Line

Howard Zinn – Peoples History of the U.S.

Bill Maher, Sarah Silverman

RACE “JOKES” in Comedy





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