SEIU West Fights for $15 Now
Dec 6th, 2016 by unionsunitedna

SEIU West led the fight for a $15 minimum wage in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, San Jose, San Diego, throughout California, and 240 Cities country-wide in mid-2016. On November 29th, 2016 SEIU launched a Second campaign. In this film from mid-2016, Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks. CA SEIU Locals 721, 321, 501, 521, 1000, 1021 and others protest wages too low to feed their families.  SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry provides courageous nationwide leadership for the SEIU’s 1.3 million Members.   She encourages her Members to stand up and demand their right to $15/hour.  This would only be Justice.  This is their Story.

Pres. Chris Shelton, Communication Workers –
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CHRIS SHELTON President of Communication Workers of


CWA Testimony at the Platform Committee of Democratic Convention  2016

CWA (Communication Workers of America), 700,000 members, defeats Verizon and Verizon Wireless, under the fresh, bold, and immensely successful Strike led by new President CHRIS SHELTON.

Midnight Star – “OPERATOR”

“OPERATOR” – Jim Croce 

LILY TOMLIN as Ernestine the Telephone Operator





A.T.U. Pres. Larry Hanley Speaks
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Pres. Larry Hanley  ATU

Struggle in Canada, Seattle and Atlanta 2014

RIDERS are our Partners in Public Transit



Public Service Unions Attacked, Transit Cut


President of Amalgamated Transit Union, LARRY HANLEY & Laura Flanders

Larry represents 195,000 DRIVERS, Mechanics, and Maintenance Workers in 46 States & 9 Provinces of Canada.  (Also a few Ferry Boat Operators)
Larry Hanley remarked that today’s youth are getting far fewer Drivers Licenses.  They are in present need of Mass Transit, but no one is listening.  Paraphrasing Larry, there’s Billions to blow up the world, but build a new Road?  Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren speak to the hearts and minds of ATU Union Members.


“Bus Driver Song” – 1940-1950s Video


AFSCME History of Progressive Labor
Jun 6th, 2016 by unionsunitedna

From Civil Rights to today’s labor struggles, AFSCME has led the way. AFSCME International President LEE SAUNDERS shares a mini interview.


AFSCME Presiden LEE SAUNDERS Speaks to 500 Delegates









TWU 100 EVP John Samuelsen Speaks
Jun 6th, 2016 by unionsunitedna

Watch as TWU Transport Workers Union Local 100 EVP John Samuelsen passionately explains the ‘blue collar’ attitude in TWU 100.  John claims (Paraphrasing) America needs a jolt.  New York City needs a jolt.  Local 100 needs a jolt.  We all need a big jolt.  But under Politics as usual, we can’t get a jolt.  (Looks over to Senator Bernie Sanders)  –  He’ll give us our Jolt !

Exec. VP John Samuelsen proudly proclaims (paraphrasing) Yesterday was Equal Pay Day in NY City.  Across America, Women today earn 79 cents for a every $1.00 Men earn.  But at TWU Local 100, equal pay is not a Question.  Women in Local 100 Transport Workers Union earn exactly the same as Men.  And equal pay for Women is guaranteed by our TWU Contract.

Transport Workers Local 100 numbers about 42,000. John Samuelsen’s brothers and sisters proudly move over eight (8) million New Yorkers every day.


New York TWU 100 Subway Workers Protest Safety


TWU 100 Workers Begin Strike – Roger Toussaint



TWU Strikes on Pension Cuts & Safety, Mayor “Insulted”



Influenced by NY Governor, 2005


JUDGE Fines TWU $1 million per day, and Sends Local 100 Leader ROGER TOUSSAINT to Prison for 10 Days.

NALC President Fredric V. Rolando Speaks
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National Association of Letter Carriers



Installation of NALC Officers

PAUL McCARTNEY – “I’m gonna sit right down and write myself a letter…”

National Association of Letter Carriers, NALC

Door-to-door 6 day mail deliveries. Started by Benjamin Franklin

Pres. Fredric V. Rolando attacks the GOP Insurance gimmick that robs the Post Office of $5 Billion each year.  He calls for solidarity of all government Unions against Austerity.   Saturday Delivery is at risk.  Republicans are determined to privatize the Post Office.  It’s hugely Profitable now.  And by Privatizing, the GOP can eliminate 400,000+ workers = 400,000+ Voters, 75% are reliable Democratic voters.

“Please, Mr. Postman, Look and See, Is there a Letter, a

Letter for Me…..”   The fabulous MARVELETTES” 1961


APWU Pres. Mark Dimondstein Speaks
Jun 4th, 2016 by unionsunitedna

American Postal Worker Union APWU President Mark Dimondstein speaks to AFGE Convention.  President Dimondstein cites the inequality, the losses to Labor, the unbelievable greed of the 1%, the Corporate 1% Media propaganda, and the two-party duopoly that prevents Labor having our own Voice.  Let’s take a listen.


Pres. Mark Dimondstein – Testimony at Democratic Platform Committee, Democratic Party Convention


Paul McCartney – “I’m gonna sit

right down and write myself a Letter”

Willie Nelson Grand Alliance: Save Our Post Office


Letter Carriers, Postal Clerks, Mail Handlers, Rural Postal Carriers


Declaring that “the U.S. Postal Service is under unprecedented attack,” the Presidents of the four Postal Unions have formed a historic alliance to fight back.  “A Congressionally-manufactured financial crisis drains the USPS of vital resources,” the Union Presidents wrote in a proclamation signed 3/10.

“Six-day delivery is under constant threat of elimination. The reduction of service standards and the elimination of half of the nation’s mail processing centers has slowed service and wiped out tens of thousands of good jobs. Post offices in cities and small towns are being sold or closed or having their hours cut back.   “Corporate privatizers seek to gain control over larger segments of postal operations – and to get their hands on the Postal Service’s $65 billion of annual revenue. The Postmaster General’s policies of subcontracting and degrading service are fueling the privatization drive,” the proclamation declares.  “The four postal unions stand together to end the attack,” it says. “We stand with the people of our country in defense of their right to a universal postal service operated in the public interest.” The Postal Union Alliance commits the unions to work together to protect service and oppose the subcontracting of work and privatization of services.

The Presidents also vow to work together to expand service to include basic Banking, Notary, Check-cashing and other Services; form a common front in the fight for genuine postal reform legislation, and “end the Corporate Welfare of Excessive pre-sort discounts.”   The Unions also pledge to organize joint actions and encourage joint work at the local level; support maximum cooperation in the next round of contract negotiations, and build an alliance with the American people in defense of the public Postal service.

APWU President Mark Dimondstein, who called for the formation of the Alliance, called it “groundbreaking.” The proclamation is signed by Dimondstein, President Fredric Rolando of the National Association of Letter Carriers, President John Hegarty of the National Postal Mail Handlers Union, and President Jeanette Dwyer of the National Rural Letter Carriers Association. (Edited for space)

SEIU East Fights Inequality
May 24th, 2016 by unionsunitedna

SEIU (East) FIGHTS INEQUALITY (from NYC to Florida) – Directed & Produced by Bill Floyd

SEIU  led the fight for a $15 minimum wage in New York City (1199), Johns Hopkins Hospital

in Baltimore, and throughout Florida (SEIUFL).  On November 29th, 2016 SEIU will launch a

second campaign.  Pope Francis, Robert Reich, and Bernie Sanders speak. SEIU President

Mary Kay Henry urges Oakland, CA fast food workers to demand their right to life = Justice.

 SEIU Childcare challenges low wages in Connecticut.

May 16th, 2016 by unionsunitedna

This is an unedited selection of important Bernie Sanders town halls, CSPAN coverage of Bernie’s 12 Point Program, and other interviews focusing on LABOR.

“Eye of the Storm” – Int’l Longshore & Warehouse Union 2008 Strike
May 11th, 2016 by unionsunitedna

Int’l Longshore and Warehouse Union.  Sisters and Brothers of  our most progressive industrial Union, the I.L.W.U.  Opening statement by fmr. ILWU International President, Robert “Bob” McEllrath. Bob describes the nerve-wracking but successful 2008 ILWU Strike. 

“DOCKWORKER BLUES” – Blues / Jazz – “Then Jolene”


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