Automation and the I.L.W.U. – Future of A.I. Artificial Intelligentz –

ROBOTS are COMING! Martin Ford, Robots to replace expert Middle Class Doctors, Accountants, Stock traders. Manual trades will endure.  Extreme Inequality has removed too many Buyers for Biz success

I.L.W.U. Local 10, Jack Heyman “FIGHT!” Automation, Job Insecurity, 8 Yr Contract?

Faster ‘n Humans, 24/7 & No Vacation, But Robots Pay No Taxes, Nor Social Security – Unite with Local Cities who need Revenue.

ROBOTS are Coming !  They’ll replace you. PBS – Gwen Ifill Report

U.K. British Debate on Automation & A.I. Job-Gobbling Robots are Threatening Us

U.S. Debate on Artificial Intelligence

FRANCE 24 Debate: Are Robots a Threat?France’s Largest Union C.G.T. – Part 1

Rage Against the Machines – Automation France 24 – C.G.T. Union “Capitalism is broken” – Part 2

‘Automation’ Australia Maritime Union MUI and Int’l Dockworkers Council I.D.C.

War on the Waterfront – Australia – 1998 Military-type Goons attack ‘Maritime Union’

SPANISH WATERFRONT – Barcelona, Esp. Dockworkers attacked – learned from Liverpool (U.K.) Dockworkers Victory

I.L.W.U. Local 10 (SFO-Oakland)    Capitalism is doomed, need Labor Party





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